Professional ​

I first became involved in community leadership while serving on the Main Street Sylva Association Board in 2011.  We worked closely with Sylva town board members on development and revitalization strategies for downtown Sylva. I served on the board for four years and as president for two.  At that point I began to realize that if we wanted to see more of our goals realized then there needed to be a change in town leadership so I decided to run for the Sylva Town Board in 2015.  I also began my service on the Board of Directors for the Tuckaseigee Water and Sewer Authority (TWSA) in order to fight high fees for local development and other policies that I thought were harmful to our community.

Personal Info
I was born and raised in Sylva, NC.  I graduated from Smoky Mountain High School in 2003.  I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from WCU.  I currently work as an Engineer for Duotech Services. My wife and I purchased an old farmhouse built in 1920 on Allen Henson Circle and have spent the last 8 years restoring it.  I enjoy flower gardening, birdwatching, and have a little hobby business fixing up old boomboxes and other vintage audio equipment. You can visit my website at www.songbirdaudio.net