Next Meeting: December 12th 5:30pm @ Town Hall

Meeting Results from 11/14/2019 5:30pm @ Town Hall

Agenda Item #1: TWSA Board Appointment
Earlier this year we appointed Mick McCardle, owner of LuLu's Restaurant, to the TWSA Board of Directors.  Since he was appointed mid-term his seat is up already.  He has been an excellent member of that board and expressed interest in remaining on the board.  We voted unanimously to reappoint him to a three-year term on the board.  If you are interested in applying for the next vacancy on the TWSA board of directors (the Town of Sylva has three appointments to the board) then fill out the application available on the Town of Sylva website by clicking here.
Agenda Item #2: Railroad Avenue Traffic Pattern
Now that Nantahala Brewery has opened at the intersection of Grindstaff Cove and Railroad Avenue a potentially dangerous situation has arisen at the crosswalk there.  Vehicles pulling out of Railroad Avenue and turning right onto Grindstaff Cove Rd are looking left to see if cars are coming and then turning right into a crosswalk.  This is a bad situation and one we try to avoid at all crosswalks in town.  Furthermore, turning left out of Grindstaff Cove Rd is a difficult turn to make given the volume of traffic at the intersection.  DOT did a traffic study to help us determine how we should address the issue.  The board voted unanimously to change Railroad Avenue to one way going East.  It will be for a trial period to see if any unforeseen difficulties arise and we can always change it back or come up with a different solution.
Agenda Item #3: First Baptist Church Parking Lot
The First Baptist Church located downtown owns the parking lot that is between Humanite and Landis Street.  For years now this parking lot has been available for free use by anybody who needs it.  The church approached the Town of Sylva asking for us to pay for its continued public use.  The Town Board felt that we had an interest in keeping the lot open as a public lot for our community.  However, the church wanted a price much higher than the board was willing to pay, especially midway through our budget cycle after all our funds were already allocated.  We counter-offered but they rejected our offer and posted a sign saying they were going to close the lot off from public use.  Jeannette Evans, John Wurmuth, Mary Gelbaugh, and I approached the church and asked to meet with them to discuss the lot.  We met and in the end the church agreed to rent it to us for the price the town originally offered.  This ensured that the lot remained open for public use until our next budget cycle.  The Town of Sylva agreed to rent the lot with 4 votes for and 1 vote against (Harold Hensley).
The closed session was stricken from the agenda since we reached an agreement regarding the lot rental during open session.

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